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The championship will be played in four different categories:

Boys U16           born 2001 – 2002

Girls U16           born 2001 – 2002

Boys U14           born 2003 – 2007

Girls U14           born 2003 – 2007

Finnish national junior championship for same categories will be played simultaneously. The championship also hosts a team competition for national and club teams. A team must consist of three or four players, all in different categories.



The championship will be played over 54 holes during three consecutive days in each category. There is no cut.

In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by a stroke play play-off between the competitors concerned. Play-off is played hole by hole until there is a winner. Play-off holes are determined by the Championship Committee. Other tied results will be decided by the last 36 holes, 18 holes, 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes, 1 hole and ballot. This applies to all categories.

The team competition will be played over 54 holes. Three best scores from each round will be counted to the team score. In the event of a tie the results will be decided by the total team score for the last 36 holes, 18 holes, 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes, 1 hole and ballot.


The championship is open for all amateur players who are members of an acknowledged golf club and eligible as stated in the conditions for FIJC. To be eligible to participate international players must fulfil the following handicap criteria:

Boys                   14,0 or under

Girls                    18,0 or under

The number of competitors is limited to 156 players. Competitors will be selected by Finnish Junior Tour Exemption Categories.

There will be a reserve list for each category that is based in the order of Exemption Categories. The reserve list will be used in case of cancellations.


The winners will be presented with trophies and three best players in each category will be awarded with a championship medal. Other prizes will be given in accordance to the amateur rules.


The competition will be played according to the Rules of Golf defined by the R&A Rules Limited. The local rules will be handed to all players and posted accordingly.


An information package will be sent out to all federations and individual entrants after the closing date of entries. This package includes more detailed information about practical arrangements, schedules, facilities etc. Tournament information can also be found on the tournament website at starting April 10th 2017.


The draw for each round will be posted on the official webside (

The scoring area is located just outside the Clubhouse in a tent. Players are kindly asked to approach the scoring area immediately after they have finished play.

There will be a live scoring during the event, handled by volunteers. Players are advised to tell their scores properly when so asked. Live scoring screens are located in the Clubhouse and close to 18th and 9th greens.


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