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Dear All,

On behalf of the Finnish Golf Union and St. Laurence Golf, we are happy to inform you that the planning of the incoming European Girls’ Team Championship 2017 (EGTC 2017) is proceeding as scheduled.

The General Info Package is published in the website and will be sent by e-mail to all federations. The same information will also be posted on the EGA website.

At this point we would like to bring to your attention some important details regarding the entries, the accommodation arrangements during the event as well as offer you a great possibility to visit Finland and St. Laurence Golf for a practice camp prior to the Championship.

With regards,

Juha Juvonen Championship Manager Finnish Golf Union


Hello to all players,

On behalf of all our club members it is my pleasure as a new President of St. Laurence Golf Club to warmly welcome you all to our beautiful golf course next summer.

I have been a member of our club over ten years. Our members are really active and will be helping you during the competition. We are here to make your stay at St. Laurence as nice as possible.

As I work on a record company I will make an “official” European Girls’ Team Championship Spotify playlist for you to get to know latest hit music here in Finland. If you have some favorite music you want to add on the list, just let me know. I will post Spotify link for you later.

We have two different courses. Your competition course will be our “old course” Kalkki Petteri. In my opinion it is a little bit more challenging course but I am sure that you are able to play great results.

I am expecting to see a good competition, good golfing and of course a lot of smiling faces and good spirit among all players during this championship. Just don’t forget to a have fun on the course. We have this saying in Finland, it is called “reilu meininki” = (fair play) that is the best advice I can give to you before coming to St. Laurence Golf Club.

Keep on training and we will see in July,

Esa Lahdenpää President St. Laurence Golf Club

Tee times for practice round

Monday July 10th

Tee 1 Tee 1 Tee 10 Tee 10
Denmark 7:40 7:50 France 8:00 8:10
Slovenia 8:00 8:10 Spain 8:20 8:30
Iceland 8:20 8:30 Sweden 8:40 8:50
Belgium 8:40 8:50 Italy 9:00 9:10
Austria 9:00 9:10 Finland 9:20 9:30
Tee 1 Tee 1 Tee 10 Tee 10
Scotland 12:00 12:10 Ireland 12:00 12:10
Switzerland 12:20 12:30 Czech Republic 12:20 12:30
The Netherlands 12:40 12:50 Germany 12:40 12:50
13:00 13:10 Norway 13:00 13:10
Slovakia 13:20 13:30 England 13:20 13:30


Schedule for team photos

Monday July 10 th

The photography session will take place near the 9th green. All teams are requested to be ready at the scheduled time.
Dress Code:   Official team uniform
Present:   6 players + captain + coach

SLOVENIA                  16:45
FRANCE                      16:50
ICELAND                    16:55
SPAIN                          17:00
BELGIUM                   17:05
SWEDEN                    17:10
AUSTRIA                    17:15
ITALY                          17:20
FINLAND                   17:25
SCOTLAND                17:30
IRELAND                   17:35
SWITZERLAND        17:40
DENMARK                 17:55
GERMANY                 18:00
NORWAY                   18:05
SLOVAKIA                 18:10
ENGLAND                  18:15